"Kaleidoscope: a hodgepodge of dances in a muddy puddle" was a random assortment of dances put together by Muncie Ballet Studio students. It was performed on June 6, 2006, in the Edward Burke Ball Auditorium in the Cornerstone Center for the Arts, and was a heck of a lot of fun choreographing, rehearsing and performing for. Eleven hardworking students, ranging in age from elementary to highschool, participated in it. The dances were in an eclectic mix of styles, each choreographed by the students performing in it. (Except for Corelli's Alegro, and the Swan Lake dance) The peculiar title to the program was procreated by Alicia White, and is characteristic of her elaborately effusive and eccentric writing patterns. (Which, and her inclination for alliteration, seems to be rubbing off on to me.) This was the most enjoyable performance I've ever been in and I hope the photos here can portray just the overall free atmosphere in the auditorium.