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Jeffrey Agrell
Paul Andrews
Ryan Beavers
Donald Chamberlain
Hugh Chandler
Andrea Clearfield
Timothy Crowley
Michelle Dewhirst
Dominic Dousa
Robert C. Ehle
Paul Ester
Neil Flory
David Hainsworth
Harold Levin
Carleton Macy
Garth Molyneux
Jody Nagel
Kevin Purrone
Mark Schultz
Jeffrey Snedeker
Jeremy Spindler
David Stern
Deanna Swoboda
Eleanor Trawick
Daniel Weymouth
Audio Clips
  • Audio Clips of JOMAR Compositions
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  • We Stand for Freedom: In Memoriam, September 11, 2001 by David Stern. (See Catalog.)
    Ball State University Student Orchestra, fall, 2002. timing: (11:43). size: (2809 Kb.)
  • Three Universes by Jody Nagel (See Catalog.)
    1. Suns Burning Into Time (3:07, 367 K.)
    2. Hummingbirds (2:30, 367 K.)
    3. Flags Wave (3:40, 367 K.)
       George Wolfe, Alto Saxophone;
       Jody Nagel, Algorithmically-generated electronic sounds;
       Craig Priebe, Narrator.
       Click to see Three Universes, Lyrics.
  • Eärendil by Mark Schultz. (See Catalog.)
    Electro-Acoustic Recital Series (EARS) Concert, spring, 1987, The University of Texas at Austin. Dana Bishop, flute. timing: (7:23). size: (1721 K.)
  • Music featuring Horn plus Clarinet.
    Ashfall (1995) by Mark Schultz. (See Catalog.)
    for clarinet, horn and percussion. Premiere performance by Robert Spring, clarinet; Thomas Bacon, horn; J. B. Smith and Scott Warner, percussion; at the International Clarinet Association ClarinetFest'95, Tempe, AZ. July 12, 1995.
    (10 minutes, 1868 K.)
    The Melon Patch (excerpt) (1996) by Mark Schultz. (See Catalog.)
    for clarinet, horn, narrator and percussion. Premiere performance by Opus'90
    (9 minutes, 2370 K.)
    Crossing the Rubicon (1999) by Jody Nagel (See Catalog.)
    for clarinet, horn and 1 (or 2) percussion. 7 movements, electronic realization.
    1. Aggressive, insistent, heavily accented (1:10, 274 K.)
    2. Quick and agile (0:54, 203 K.)
    3. Sonorous and assertive (1:15, 294 K.)
    4. Tormented (1:43, 389 K.)
    5. Fanfare (1:50, 424 K.)
    6. Very fast (1:12, 270 K.)
    7. Procession (2:13, 520 K.)
  • Voyage of Discovery by Jody Nagel. (See Catalog.)
    November 18, 2001, Ball State University Wind Ensemble, Joseph Scagnoli, conductor.
    (8.75 minutes, 1992 K.)
  • Improvisation by Jody Nagel and Ralph Johnson.
    Premiered April 1, 2001, Ralph Johnson, Percussion. Jody Nagel, Computer.
    (11 minutes, 1635 K.)
  • Slither by Jody Nagel. (See Catalog.)
    Commissioned and premiered June 3 & 4, 2000, by the Danish Chamber Players, Stephen Montague, conductor, Toreby L, Denmark.  
    (26-second excerpt, 68 K.)
  • Flaming Like the Wild Roses by Mark Schultz. (See Catalog.)
    Commissioned and premiered June 3 & 4, 2000, by the Danish Chamber Players, Stephen Montague, conductor, Toreby L, Denmark.  
    (68-second excerpt, 168 K.)
  • Caweinlair by Mark Schultz. (See Catalog.)
    Played October 12, 2000 at the 2000 Nebraska Music Teacher's Association State Convention. Diane Cawein, clarinet; Mark Clinton, piano.  
    (117-second excerpt, 288 K.)
  • Hymns to Soma (2nd movement) by Jody Nagel. (See Catalog.)
    Premiered July 8, 2000 at The 12th World Saxophone Congress, University of Québec à Montréal, Montréal, Canada. George Wolfe, Alto Saxophone; Jody Nagel, Algorithmically-generated electronic sounds; Martin Dagenais, choir director.
    (3:05, entire movement, 455 K.)
       Click to see Hymns to Soma, Lyrics.
  • Kaleidoscope by Jody Nagel. (See Catalog.)
    Gerry Errante, Clarinet; from "Beyond Noend with Errante," Drimala DR 99-347-02.
    "Live" algorithmically-generated electronic sounds using a Korg WaveStation.
    Used by permission from Drimala Recordings. (42-second excerpt, 107 K.)
  • Water Grokking by Jody Nagel. (See Catalog.)
    ViKing Lim, piano.
    (3:53, entire movement, 1108 K.)
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