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Catalog by Instrument and Genre
(Composition titles in alphabetical order)
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Wind Quintet  
Flute (soloist)  
Flute / Piccolo (in ensemble)  
Oboe / English Horn (soloist)  
Oboe / Eng. Hrn. (in ensemble)  
Clarinet (soloist)  
Bass Clr. (soloist)  
Clr. / Bass Clr. (in ensemble)  
Bassoon (soloist)  
Bsn. (in ensemble)  
Saxophone (soloist)  
Sax. (in ensemble)  
Brass Quintet  
Brass Ensemble  
Brass Ensemble with Organ  
Horn (soloist)  
Horn (in ensemble)  
Trumpet (soloist)  
Trumpet (in ensemble)  
Trombone (soloist)  
Trombone (in ensemble)  
Tuba / Euphonium (soloist)  
Tuba (in ensemble)  
Percussion (soloist)  
Percussion (in ensemble)  
Electronic (only)  
Electronic + instr(s)  
String Orchestra  
Piano Quartet  
Piano Trio  
Guitar (solo)  
Guitar (in ensemble)  
Harp (in ensemble)  
Violin (soloist)  
Violin (in ensemble)  
Viola (soloist)  
Viola (in ensemble)  
Cello Orchestra  
Cello (soloist)  
Cello (in ensemble)  
Contrabass (soloist)  
C. Bass (in ensemble)  
Concert Band  
Large Ensemble  
Piano (solo)  
2 Pianos (duet)  
Piano Left-hand  
Organ (solo)  
Choir (sacred)  
Choir (secular)  
Choir + Orchestra  
Vocal + Piano  
Vocal + Guitar  
Vocal + Ensemble  
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