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The Modern Hornist
Thomas Bacon, General Editor
The following works are part of a new series,
The Modern Hornist, available from Jomar Press,
in conjunction with hornist and editor Thomas Bacon

JOMAR Press is extremely pleased to announce a new series of works for horn, The Modern Hornist, comprised of music selected and edited for JOMAR Press by performer and educator extraordinaire Thomas Bacon. The Modern Hornist series will be an ongoing collaboration between Mr. Bacon and JOMAR as he seeks out unknown gems from the horn repertoire and brings them to our attention.
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  Composer Title Year Instrumentation Description Price
new Jonathan
Dreams, Yearning 2008 horn and piano 8 minutes, 1 movement. $12.50
new Michael
Meditation 2004 solo Horn and
Horn octet
4 minutes, 1 movement. $12.50
new Anthony
Horn Quartet No. 1 2009 4 Horns 14 minutes, 4 movements. $32.50
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The Modern Hornist  
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