All the hypocritical Christians of the world that refuse to take a stand against evil and unfairness constitute the single greatest evil of the universe. They are more evil than evil itself.
It's a pretty sick world when ethically-minded humanist-atheists have to fight for the betterment of Christian sheep.
Affluence, which creates comfort, apathy, and a false concept of the value of 'peace,' 'professionalism,' and 'politeness,' is the domain of the modern American so-called "Christian." Their 'position' is really neo-Confucianist; preserve the status-quo because it's comfortable to do so. It denies principles of right and wrong. It possesses nothing of the conviction of Jesus throwing the money-changers out of the temple onto their rear-ends. (Or do you really think he started by saying "ahh, excuse me, good people, but, ahh, would you please leave the temple . . . if it, ahh, wouldn't be too inconvenient for you, that is. . .")
Any force, including apathy in particular, that contributes to allowing the current domination of human evil to flourish needs to be removed from the human gene pool.
Any person that continues to create "intellectual" justifications for human inequity on this planet should have their influece removed from the planet.
Any person in 'academia' (that wretched place responsible for shaping human futures) who claims to have no opinion concerning the correctness of the idea of human fairness on earth should be fired.

Jody Nagel
December 2, 1999
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