Attitudes towards intelligence within human society
Intelligence in Power :
Knowledge (the nourishment for intelligence) is possessed by few individuals. These individuals purposely limit the accessibility of knowledge to the masses. (i.e., elitism)
2. Knowledge is possessed by few individuals. These individuals attempt to share their knowledge freely with all people, so that all people can benefit from knowledge. Eventually, all or most of society becomes intelligent. (i.e. egalitarianism, type 1)
Ignorance in Power :
Ignorance is possessed by many. Uneducated people accept the fact that knowledge is possessed by few, and maintain a respect for those few, though they themselves have no desire to gain knowledge, and prefer remaining ignorant. (i.e., enlightened ignorance: a completely hypothetical scenario never actually found in reality.)
4. Ignorance is possessed by many. Uneducated people refuse to accept knowledge from the few that possess knowledge. Furthermore, they demand credit for being "educated," even though they are not. They prefer, with hostility, to accuse educated people of being "elitist" as a cover for their own ignorance, and as an excuse to avoid the hard work of becoming educated. They prefer a society of equally stupid people, and wish to destroy the intelligent accomplishments of the last 5000 years of human history. Eventually, all, or most of, society becomes ignorant. (i.e. egalitarianism, type 2)
Question No. 1
Which description do you think best describes late-20th-century capitalistic-democratic America?
Question No. 2
Which description do you wish best described reality?
  Jody Nagel
February 13, 1999
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