Christianity and other forms of monotheism are each merely a not-too-subtle rationalization for perpetuating evil. It frees the Christian from the need to be truly responsible for this life and this planet, even when invoking principles of "responsibility" and "stewardship."
It is one thing to give lip service to ethical thought with an underlying assumption that some god will forgive you when you fail. It is quite another thing for a human being to realize that the ethical "buck" stops here, at the self. Without an imaginary god in the way, "heaven" and "hell" on earth are the sole responsibility of mortal man. It is for this reason that no one has ever died by the sword under the banner of atheism, though over the centuries many have died by the sword under the banner of Christians. It is for this reason that the ideology of ethical Humanism is vastly superior to the that of Christianity.

Jody Nagel
August 10, 2000
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