There are by far more "educated" than "uneducated" atheists in the world.
Republican fundamentalists claim to be the "education" party, education for everyone, leave no child behind.
Why, this is rather interesting, is it not? You'd think they'd be against education, since it increases the probability of a person becoming an atheist.
Oh, silly me. But, of course. I keep forgetting.
Republican fundamentalists use the word "education" to mean "job training," not actually education. Yeah, that makes better sense now. Republican fundamentalists do want everybody to remain ignorant, enslaved automatons, mindlessly believing what they are told to, never "rocking the boat" of current social inequity, and having their brains turned into supernatural mush.
OK, I feel much better now that I cleared that up.

Jody Nagel
September 13, 2004
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