For those of you that constantly mutter: "That professor seems to believe that his class is the only class that I am taking. How dare he assign so much homework!"
Dear wunderkinds, please realize I am perfectly aware of the fact of how many classes you are currently taking. But I am not grading you based on a proportional quantity of knowledge relative to your other classes. I am simply making a comment to the world as to what extent you are master of this particular subject. If you are not master of this particular subject, you surely must be jesting if you think I will lie on your behalf and tell the world (via your grade) that you are expert in something that in actuality, quite frankly, you are not. Go ahead and manipulate the system and try to get out of real work, but wake up and realize that I will never lie merely for your sake.

Jody Nagel
October 16, 2002
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