The Human Free-Trade System of Evolution
Whenever Man creates a tool to augment one of his physiological or mental functions, then Man's original natural capacity of that function is, through adaptation and atrophy, forever diminished. And we become forever dependent on our tools.
Diminished Capacity That Creates Dependency on the Invention
Fire After initial experiments with cooking: Need to cook meat, weakened immune system.
Wheel Diminished running speed, lowered reflex time, lessening of strength of all major muscles.
Language Loss of pheromone sensitivity to convey information by smell.
Coats/Blankets Animals furs supplying added warmth decreased hairiness: resulting in dependence on clothes.
Knowledge Non-ability to know truth, due to the new capacity for lying.
Intelligence Loss of mental tranquillity due to recognition of one's mortality. Religion dependence.
Calendars Loss of personal freedom. Dependence on culture for temporal orientation.
Clocks Loss of relationship to natural cycles. Increased feelings of alienation.
Books Diminished memory capacity. Dependency on the written word for cultural continuation.
Torches/Lamps Nocturnal lighting continues loss of relationship to natural cycles.
Trains Noise. Beginning of a growing insensitivity towards sound. Decrease in hearing capacity. This diminished capacity influences how "music" develops.
Cars Allows for increased distances between residence and place of work, creates dependency. This refashions how human communities are geographically shaped, and lowers inter-social relationships.
Power Tools Lowered muscle capacity. Increases dependency on the tools.
Typewriters Increase in the number of people with poor hand-writing. Lowered muscle-tone in hands.
Photocopiers Increase in the ability to steal others' creative work. Decreased respect for creators.
Calculators Decrease in mental arithmetic precision. Adds to overall "sloppiness" in life.
Computers Increased dependency on computers affects just about everything. Man can already not live without them. Like all technology (though unparalleled in magnitude), computers "save time," thus increasing expectation of work capacity. No time is saved, but more work is expected. This decrease of leisure time adds to an overall sense of futility.
Computer "Menus" All "rational" choices at each stage of one's "Work" are already provided by programmers. The automatic process of "weeding out" irrational possibilities is left unexorcised. (e.g., invoking a "Close File" command is a "greyed out" non-possibility when an application is open but none of its files are open, so no one ever experiences the fleeting thought that, "Oh, yes, it would be nonsensical to have such an operation under the current condition.") The lessened mental experience of automatically "ruling out" irrational ideas will most likely lead to a decrease in Man's ability to recognize that which IS rational.
C-Section Birth Over time, this will allow a greater share of increased head circumferences to survive. Head Circumference has been, statistically-speaking, in balance with Hip Width: the drive for Greater Head Circumference (increased intelligence potential) is balanced by the drive for Smaller Head Circumferences, for the sake of the birthing process, and to assure that Hip Width need not increase to the point that Walking is detrimentally effected. Increased Cesarean births will free up this delicate balance and allow for people with larger heads. They will most likely be naturally selected, in the long run, and eventually all people will NEED to be born through a C-Section birthing process.

You can't get somethin' for nothin.'
Everything is bought and traded at a cost.

Jody Nagel
October 15, 2000
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