Fundamentalists may believe what they choose, but they have no right to insist that their particular views of origins be taught in the public schools. They have no right, first, because those views are religious, second, because under the guise of 'creation science,' they clearly desire to smuggle the teaching across the borders guarded by the First Amendment of the Constitution, and, third, because while there can be not the slightest objection to teaching Genesis in our public schools, as a creation myth among many others of a similar kind in courses on anthropology, it is the sheerest humbug to claim that such stories have anything to do with science.
Ashley Montagu, editor, Science and Creationism (from the Editor's Introduction)
Oxford University Press. (1984)
Fundamentalist Christians believe that a "rapture" will one day remove all Fundamentalist Christians from the earth.
I merely wish that all Fundamentalist Christians were removed from the earth.
Show me your god.
Don't keep explaining to me your inferences of god's existence and circumstantial evidence of god's creation.*
Atheism explains the universe even better.
So, show me your god, or keep your mouth shut.

Jody Nagel
September 27, 2002
(* Their wording already presumes that the universe is, indeed, a created thing, which I see no reason for believing as being patently obvious and beyond question.)
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