There is one of two reasons that you stole my memo:
(a) You either liked it so much that you wanted it for yourself.
(b) Or you did not like it, and wanted me not to display it.
(a) If you liked it (or even if you hated it), you merely needed to ask me for a copy and I would have joyfully given a free copy to you. Next time, just ask. Don't steal, like some common republican thief. If you appreciate my words enough to want a copy, you are above such lowly things as theft. Come, be my friend!
(b) If you "ripped off" my memo because you think I have "no right" to display words that I believe in, because you disagree, then you are an un-American pro-fascist, George-Bush-supporting, scumbag that is trying to destroy the remnants of the American constitution. FREE SPEECH is an American RIGHT. If you do not believe this, then do know that you and I are on opposite sides of an ideological war, and I have no intention of letting you win.
Please understand that you and I stand in an adversarial relationship. At least understand that, since you don't seem to understand much else. In America, you are free to believe what ever rubbish you wish; it doesn't change the fact that it is rubbish that you believe, but go ahead and keep believing it. It is your right. I would defend you completely in your right to hang whatever messages you want on your own memo board, even if I disagree. Will you not do the same for me?
In any case, keep your little hands off my memo board.
Jody Nagel
February 4, 2004
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