I am not here to help you prepare for a job: teaching, performing, or anything else. I am here to help cause you to be an educated person.
I am here to teach about art-music and its philosophy. If that's not what you "want," please go to somebody that has what you "want." Do not ask me to change that which I give.
You do not walk into a gourmet retaurant and demand that a world-class chef give you a Big-Mac. If that's what you "want" go to the place that sells that kind of drivel. Do not demand the chef to abandon his art for the sake of your low taste.
The same applies to music within a College of Fine Arts, assuming you have wit enough to comprehend an analogy.
Consider, perhaps, that what you "want" is based on your limited exposure to what the commercial culture has decided that you "should want" (in order to be viewed as "cool") so that they can continue profiting off of your lack of self-comprehension.

Jody Nagel
November 18, 2001
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