I do believe in God the Photon,
the Neutrino,
and the Holy Quark.
I know that I have inhaled at least one oxygen molecule
that has also been breathed by
every other person alive,
every other person who has ever lived, and
every person who ever will live.
And every other creature, too, for that matter (including flies)
. . . We are all one.
(Sort of.)
I am aware that when wise men are guided by a sudden unusually bright star,
that that is a sign that a supernova has occurred, most likely annihilating an entire intelligent species and an entire planet somewhere in the cosmos.
But I believe in the divine goodness of this act of destroying other worlds, in the effort of teaching earthmen some little bit of moral wisdom.
Let's hear it for supernovas! Hip, hip, hooray!
I believe that all elements heavier than helium are also the result of supernovas,
and that, without long-past supernovas, there would not be the necessary ingredients to build human bodies. Therefore, I do believe that we are all:
Children of the Stars.
I do believe in the possibility of life after death,
as long as you can figure out a way to accelerate a body's mass quite a bit beyond the speed of light, making time appear to go backwards.
God is light, and light is photons, therefore God is photons.
Praise the Photons.
God is everywhere, and everywhere is photons, therefore God is photons. Praise the Photons.
The best way to destroy the enemies of God,
is with photon torpedoes.
From dust to dust we are,
from Bang to Crunch we are,
We are all bound together as one;
Thanks be to Gravity.
Meteor impacts killed the dinosaurs,
Killed-dinosaurs enabled the potential for mammals to evolve,
Evolved mammals enabled human beings to exist,
Remember to say "thank you" to those meteors of long ago.
Humans can be made extinct by meteor impacts,
Remember to hate meteors of the future,
and work towards destroying them, before they destroy us.
(This should not be too difficult, since, with capitalism so prevailing these days,
Most people are already totally used to the principle of:
Screw Thy Neighbor Before Thou Art Screwed.)
A person is a HUMAN only when he adopts a philosophy that is more compassionate than is the universe. Until then, he is merely an animal. A person is fully HUMAN only when he adopts full responsibility for his actions on this earth. Blaming demons and relying on gods is irresponsible, enslaving, and dehumanizing.

Jody Nagel
March 15, 2003
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