I think if women and doctors should be allowed to murder unborn children, then unborn children should be allowed to murder women and doctors. And both sides should be allowed to receive assistance from willing outside champions. Murder laws for all! Or for none! Let's have at it, with an equal playing field!
Stay tuned (for the next couple centuries) to find out: Which human ideology will survive the natural selectivity game? Evolution in motion!
Hint: Abortion does not effectively cause one's genes to be passed on. (The only real basis for determining ethical behavior from a statistical macro-demographic viewpoint.) Did you know that American's have more abortions than any other people? For the last ten years there have been about 3 million abortions per year in America. And about 3 million immigrants per year to America, who bring with them their own belief systems. (So much for the great contemporary myth of American "zero-poulation-growth.") Since there are over 260 million Americans now, how long will it take for America to remove itself from the global human gene pool. You do the math. It's not that hard! (Be fair, now. Allow a certain percentage of indoctrination of immigrants into mainstream American values. And don't forget to take into account the fact that when a population, relative to the world context, dips below some critical threshold, the population will quickly disappear altogether. In other words, there's no need to carry your mathematical extrapolations all the way to the bitter end of their implications. Things will stop long before that!)
Jody Nagel
October 8, 2000
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