If an existent God wanted Man to believe in God, then this God should have provided Man with an obvious, certain, and unequivocal means for each human to recognize the existence of God, without relying on imbecilic faith, mythological stories, or supposed happenings from the distant past. God should be as obvious as Gravity, as certain as Arithmetic, as substantial as the physical Universe. An omnipotent God seemingly would have had no trouble creating man with some God-sensor organ. Without that, it's simply bad design and poor engineering, creating an object to perform some task (i.e., to believe in God) and then not providing the object (i.e., Man) with the mechanical capacity to accomplish that task short of embracing the most fantastical forms of imaginative lunacy.
If God created Man in the Reality "as is," the reality that we all know, then God is supremely evil (i.e., Not Good), or else is supremely stupid (i.e., not omniscient). Both types of god-description would be sufficient reason for me not to consider such an entity as being a benevolent, all-knowing Divinity, and therefore, Not God.
If there is no God, then the randomness of the universe makes perfect sense. The mix of good and bad within humanity is perfectly explainable. The lack of ability to "sense God" is because of a supremely good reason. (i.e., there isn't one.)
Do not argue with me about the existence of God.
Show me your God.
Do not confuse (a) human congregational fellowship and ethical awareness and behaviors with (b) God-belief. They most certainly are not the same. There is an obvious Natural-Selective advantage for human congregational fellowship, and ethical awareness and behaviors. God-belief is nothing more than a mechanism for human leaders over the last 50,000 years to implement their Will over their less intelligent followers. If you require God-belief in order to maximize your ethical behavior, then by all means, BELIEVE. I'd rather lower the probability that you might murder me. But consider this: ethical behavior patterns do have Natural-Selective advantages, and these advantages have been institutionalized under the name of religion. Whether you care or not about the literal truth of religious stories, ethical behavior within human society is worth it! Take ethical responsibility for your own mortal existence, and do not blame imaginary demons and credit imaginary gods for that which is bad and good in your life.
Hey humanity! (to quote Harry Truman) "the buck stops here."

Jody Nagel
April 15, 2002
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