If you are an advocate, promoter, listener or participant in the commercial world of drum-track dominated rock/pop/rap/etc. music, then please do not make the mistake of considering me either your teacher or your colleague. Please do realize that you are my adversary.
I am in the profession of teaching the sensitizing of the human brain towards great music. The commercial music business is the single major reason that people become desensitized to sound and become uneducable within the art of music. It represents the absolute negation of what I am all about.
Do not come to me with a typical American capitalist consumer mentality and demand that I sell you a college degree that reflects your own desensitized commercial values and your drug-like pop music addiction. Such a degree is not for sale, and can not be obtained, from this professor.
I defend the art of music. I do not defend, specifically, your enslaved so-called "rights." Not only do I not defend the right for BSU SOM music majors to retain their brainwashed commercial values and be given a university degree, I will actively work against them.
Please understand this completely. And do feel free to go somewhere else to buy your junk-food college degree.

Jody Nagel
June 14, 2002
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