Isn't it amazing that some women caustically claim that men have no right to an opinion concerning a woman's "right" to choose having an abortion. They claim that "a man" can not possibly comprehend a woman's inner turmoil at having to debate such a thing. This is absurd. A man (or woman) can contemplate the idea that he himself might have never existed if his mother had aborted him. The ghastliness of this thought is certainly as troubling a feeling and as overwhelming a contemplation as what goes on inside the mind of a woman considering having an abortion. (Let it be remembered that half of all aborted fetuses are females who will never have the "right" to grow up to consider the idea of having an abortion.) Nevertheless, the women that suggest that I, as a man, am incapable of truly relating to them are ultimately correct in one basic way: I can not really empathize with anyone who considers that an ethically sound method for removing problems from one's own life is by murdering another's life.
A woman has a right to do what she wishes with her body. So does a man. It is other people's bodies (such as those of unborn infants) that people should not have a right to do with whatever they wish. A woman has the right to choose to keep from becoming pregnant, any way and for as long as she wishes. Once pregnant, however, a woman should never have the right to murder an unborn fetus. Whatever enormity a "problem" may be created by being pregnant, it is not nearly as enormous as the sacrifice that is being demanded from an aborted baby - his or her entire life.
This message is being brought to you by the Faith-Based Ministry: Atheists Against Choice
Jody Nagel
February 5, 2001
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