It's amazing what one can do
when one doesn't know
what one can't do.
Garfield the Cat
To expound upon Garfield:
The fundamentalist Christian position assumes all Man is born sinful, is inherently evil, that his nature (i.e., "human nature") is fixed and unchangeable. A person that "knows" that this is true is not the slightest bit capable of living his life in such a way as to increase the overall goodness of human nature, since he "knows" that that would be impossible.
Now, a person that is unaware that this is the absolute truth, may go out and invent useful inventions, genetically manipulate the environment and himself, create idealistic political goals, and, in general, contribute to the eventual creation of heaven on earth.
A fundamentalist lives a loop of self-fulfilling prophecy, awaits for a heaven in "heaven," and says, "see, I told you so," as he contributes by his "belief" to allowing hell on earth.
Human nature is NOT fixed. Increase goodness. Stamp out evil. Believe that this is possible. Eliminate inequity and unfairness. Believe in the right-to-LIFE equality of all humans. Do not settle for traditional, so-called biblical, rationalizations of why we must forever accept BAD things. Be a HUMAN, and take responsibility for HUMANITY. Do not rely on imaginary unreal entities and then rationalize your belief in the "fixed" nature of evil.
This is a war. But a totally HUMAN evolutionary war. "Not knowing what you can not do" works both ways. Osama bin Laden was never under the impression that he COULD NOT blow up the WTC. And therefore, he did. Of course, it took two tries over the past decade, but then he also understood a corollary to the above Garfield quote: If at first you don't succeed . . .
Defenders of good or evil are surprisingly more effective when they are unaware of what they supposedly can not do. I hope you are on the active side of goodness. Do not let the above Garfield quote be nothing more than a warm fuzzy kind of cutesy statement. It can be the very basis of an entire ethical strategy for human survival . . . or annihilation.
For those of you that just simply refuse to give up your outdated fundamentalist position of the inevitability of human evil, well, I guess you'll just have to add Garfield onto your list of satanic evil influences on the planet.

Jody Nagel
October 23, 2002
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