Please understand this clearly. It is not negotiable.
I do not need your respect. I do not need your philosophical agreement. I do not need your friendship. I need an absence of rock music blaring in my classroom work environment while teaching and sitting in forums.
If you can not institute policy to put an end to this selfish, rude behavior by arrogant, desensitized students, you must be dreaming if you think I'm going to respond politely. It is fundamentally against my religion. "An eye for an eye" is my religion. "Turn the other cheek" is for Christian hallucinators. And the [local university] acknowledges freedom of religion and speech. If these students are allowed to be rude to me, I will respond to them in kind. If you wish me not to respond in this manner, then put a stop to their selfish behavior; it is the only way I will desist. I consider that expressing to them, loudly and angrily, my loathing of their rudeness is the only intelligent and moral thing to do. This is not negotiable.
If you suddenly insist that it is a job requirement that I be forced to endure the torture of no-choice rock music at every minute of the day on the [local university] campus, and then even having the gall to try to define what does and does not constitute torture for me, I will haul you and every administrator of the [local university] before the Supreme Court.
Exceedingly sincerely,

Jody Nagel
November 9, 2002
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