Political Correctness and Anger
If George Washington were alive today, he would be told to "chill out," take some "prozac," and learn to "tune out" the British. Washington was ANGRY. He led a revolution.
If Jesus tried nowadays to throw the money-changers out of the temple, or to throw the commercial-desensitization music out of the colleges of Fine Arts, he would be arrested as a communist (which he was). Jesus was ANGRY. Or do you really think that he politely asked the money-changers, if it were not too much of a problem, if they would please, pretty please, be so kind as to depart from the temple for just a bit. He threw them out on their butts. Ah, but those modern day assault laws would get in the way of divinities creating "gospel truth."
Just as cold symptoms are indicators that something is wrong with the body, so too is anger an indicator that something is wrong with the world.
If you deny your anger, you are essentially accepting evil within the world.
Recognize anger for what it is: a motivator to change the world for the better.
If you're angry about something,
(Probably so am I.)
(Patron Not-Quite-Saint of the Angry)

Jody Nagel
July 16, 2001
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