The Battle Cry of a Music "Ed" Major
"Why do I have to know THAT !
I'm never going to teach THAT!?!?!"
Here's your chance to add to the list of all of the "THATs" that Music "Ed" majors insist that they will never teach in K-12 public school.
If it's not what the democratic, capitalistic masses  wa
aaaaaant, you just know Music "Ed" majors will ignore it. A College of FINE Arts need not be FINE, merely an uneducated mass majority. This represents the death of the tradition of fine art music.
»  20th-century Modernism & Post-Modernism
»  Baroque, Classical, and Romantic Art Music
»  Medieval & Renaissance Music
»  Music Theory
»  Ear-Training
»  Conducting
»  Composition
»  Orchestration & Arranging
»  Orchestral Score Reading
»  Electronic & Computer Music
»  Jazz Improvisation
»  High level of solo performance standards
»  Notation, its history and modern practice
»  Political Philosophies of Composers and how individual works reflect this.
»  Atheistic composers
»  Non-relativistic teaching philosophies
»  Aesthetics
»  Acoustics
»  Music history, and the relationship between world history & music history
»  Comparisons between the structure of music and that of art, sculpture, & architecture
»  Opera, music for ballet, avant-garde audio/video collaborations, & music installations
»  Music and literary symbol
»  The nature of the current American political/economic pop-music stranglehold
»  (Add your own)
Now that you know what they won't do, don't you wonder what they will do?
»  instrument usage
»  marching bands, and perhaps wind ensembles, and perhaps jazz ensembles
»  show choirs
»  pop music (rock, rap, gospel, country and other drum-track dominated simple song-forms)
»  contemporary christian music (i.e., pop music with trite religious lyrics)
»  "World Music" (which, to them, simply means pop music from other countries)
Rather than teach society about what is best, they merely "teach" society what the majority of society already wants. Rather than leading society, they merely reflect society as it is. This is simply because the "educators" do not comprehend what is best themselves. Pathetic.
Jody Nagel
December 1, 2003
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