The field called "education" must be outlawed. Its continued existence offends thinking people.
To require education classes of would-be teachers is the same as if child-raising classes were required of would-be parents. Every parent invents and re-invents the role for his- or herself. Teachers should learn teaching by teaching. Parents learn to parent by parenting.
If one lives well, responsibly, with interest, with passion, one's own life is what is taught as a parent. There is no need for parenting classes, if one has learned how to live. If one is expert in a subject area, one naturally desires to share what is loved with other interested people. Experts are the teachers. They do it their own way, as individuals, as a result of a passion for the subject itself. "Educators," worrying about methodologies and techniques, and not expert in their field, are most certainly not teachers. Other than, perhaps, special education for retarded individuals, the rest of the academic "education" field, as a prerequisite for teaching, should be banned.
Conversely, disinterested people should never be forced to learn any subject against their will. People choosing ignorance should be recognized as ignorant, rather than falsely labeled "intelligent" by inept educators. The "re-centering" of standardized test scores - both the standardized tests themselves and their re-centered scores being the brain-children of educators - is itself an indication of how moronic the field called "education" actually is. It signifies the desire to label mediocre people as "educated." In other words, it gives a rationalization to mediocre educators to consider themselves also as "educated people."
I will never let my children in the classrooms of educators just because they are educators. They have obviously spent too much time "learning" to be teachers, and therefore have, at least to some extent, neglected becoming as expert in their fields as they might have. Educators are so far gone, they seem really to believe that they themselves are actually truly educated people. Experts laugh at their oblivious naiveté. There is no real behavioral difference between true teaching, preaching, or parenting. But the field called "education" has poisoned the last 3000 years of human intellectual development. It's time to get rid of the poison.

Jody Nagel
February 23, 2000
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