The First Meeting of
The Society of Atheist and Humanist Musicians
(coming soon)
Are you tired of the preponderance of religious music
within State-School Music Programs?
Do you wish to study why "The Bible" and other religious documents
are not worthy of being considered "authoritative"?
Do you consider the notion of "God" to be nothing more
than a subconscious control mechanism of those in social power?
Do you wish you could be introduced to a naturalistic,
evolutionary-based conceptualization of ethics?
Do you seek out the fellowship of like-minded musicians
in a school that seems consciously out to turn you into
a republican, capitalist, "Christian" robot worker within society?
If you are intelligent, free, responsible, and caring of humanity,
and you are a musician who wishes to be a charter member of SAHM,
then please continue to monitor upcoming notices.

Jody Nagel
March 18, 2003
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