The greatest human evil on the planet is that affluent people believe it is their own prerogative, their own freedom, to determine whether or not to be charitable to the poor. What arrogance! What vile selfishness!
Wealth is not infinite; it is equal to 6.5 billion people times 24 hours in a day. All people are equally valuable and equally deserving of a share of this thing called life. Any human so-called "good" action that is NOT directed toward creating legal structures that OUTLAW the current vast wealth inequities is hypocritical, self-serving, conscious-soothing irrelevance. It is disguised EVIL.
Any rich person that claims it is his "right" to decide whether or not to help the poor, should himself be forced to live in poverty.
No person born into an even modestly affluent family can ever truly claim that he has deserved his magnitude of wealth. He is utterly dependent on the privileged schooling and social status that was created long before his own birth. He is utterly dependent on the communal acceptance of the monetary system that defines his privileged status in the first place. He that claims that he has worked for his income and that he therefore deserves it, in this day and age, is beyond naive, beyond credibility, undeserving of even being listened to.
"Love thy neighbor as thy self" implies a socialistic ecomonic system. Do not merely settle for survival-of-the-fittest capitalistic values. Transcend to the level of being fully human. Transcend to the idea that "All men are created equal." Transcend to being GOOD.

Jody Nagel
June 17, 2002
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