'Tis Spring!
. . . When all the fungus, bacteria, viruses and selfish-student, open-window car stereos reawaken to plague civilized humans.
. . . When the majority of newly born snakes get eaten by their parents. (They're less subtle about using their young than the abstract human economic deficit approach is.)
. . . When the majority of newly hatched sea turtles, scurrying across the sand to obtain the relative safety of the ocean, get eaten by sea gulls, and the birds' droppings help contribute toward fertilizing human crops. The vegetarians, in particular, should thank all the dead baby animals, so that the vegetarians can avoid eating meat.
. . . And, oh yea, when humans are most inclined to get all confused the concepts of agape, philos, and eros.

Jody Nagel
February 29, 2004
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