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I. Major --- Major Triad Relationships
(Triad Relationships Nos. 1-6)
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Unique Harmonic Relationships

Harmonic Relationships, Example 1
"Chromatic Modal" scale convention used: 1, b2, 2, b3, 3, 4, #4, 5, b6, 6, b7, 7 (Do, Ra, Re, Me, Mi, Fa, Fi, Sol, Le, La, Te, Ti)
The closest "tonal" voice-leading is provided, using only common-tones, semitones, whole-tones, or, in one case,
a 3-semitone-sized interval required for 3-part writing. (Common-tone voice-leading is shown in black note-heads.)
The Chromatic solfeg syllables are given assuming the first triad of each bar is "tonic." In some instances, where
the voice-leading 3-b3 (Mi-Me) is used, it may be more convenient in actual practice to use 3-#2 (Mi-Ri).
Relationships Example 1
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Unique Harmonic Relationships

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