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X. Fully-Diminished-7th --- Augmented Relationships

The "One-Of-A-Kind" Harmonic Progression-Type:
A Fully-Diminished-7th Chord Moving to an Augmented Triad
An Augmented Triad Moving to a Fully-Diminished-7th Chord
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Unique Harmonic Relationships

Harmonic Relationships, Example 10
Any transposition of a Fully-Diminished-7th Chord Progressing to any transposition of an Augmented Triad, or vice versa, contains the exact same set of closest possible voice-leading fragments, and therefore there is ONLY ONE Harmonic Relationship-Type for this pair of chords. (The minimum semitone discplacement for 4 voices = 4.)
Relationships Example 10
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Unique Harmonic Relationships

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