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Nagel Photo Jody Nagel is co-editor (along with Mark Schultz) of Jomar Press. Nagel joined the Ball State University School of Music faculty in 1992 and is now professor of music theory and composition, and serves as the Area Coordinator of the Theory and Composition Division. His compositions have been performed in various American cities and also in Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Korea, Cyprus, Israel, Germany, France, Austria, Russia, and England. Since 1996, he has been a perennial recipient of ASCAP Standard Music Awards, and he won an ASCAP Young Composers Award in 1988 for a chamber orchestral work. In 1993 he was a Fulbright Fellow in Sydney, Australia. Performances of Nagel's works have been given at conferences of the Society of Composers, Inc. (SCI) and the Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS).

Nagel was born and raised near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and attended North Allegheny High School in Wexford. He received his D.M.A. degree in composition from The University of Texas at Austin in 1992 where he had been the recipient of a doctoral fellowship. He received the M.A. degree in theory and composition from the University of Pittsburgh (1985) and the B.A. degree from Marietta College (1982). His principal composition teachers have included Eugene Kurtz, Dan Welcher, Donald Grantham, Russell Pinkston, Karl Korte, Morton Subotnick, Peter Sculthorpe, Stephen Montague, Wayne Slawson, John Peel, William Buelow, and David Berlin. Nagel is a member of Phi Beta Kappa , and he is listed in the International Directory of Musicians. He is married to EunHee Yoon Nagel, and has two daughters: Ashley Gaia SeoHyon (b. 1990) and Athena Gretchen SeoJeong (b. 1997).

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