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Joyce Quotation
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A Music Analysis ? ? ? ! ! !
by James Joyce
It seemed to him that he heard notes of fitful music leaping upwards a tone and downwards a diminished fourth, upwards a tone and downwards a major third, like triple-branching flames leaping fitfully, flame after flame, out of a midnight wood. It was an elfin prelude, endless and formless; and, as it grew wilder and faster, the flames leaping out of time, he seemed to hear from under the boughs and grasses wild creatures racing, their feet pattering like rain upon the leaves.
James Joyce, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
(Signet Classic, paperback version, p. 170.)
Freshman Ear-training students !
What solfeg syllables fit Joyce's description?
Do you think he had a clue?
(By the way. There is only one tonal, non-chromatic solution to this little interval puzzle.)

Jody Nagel
November 24, 1998
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