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Jeremy Spindler
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Jeremy Spindler
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  Title Year Instrumentation Description Price
  Children's Games 2000 Oboe / English Horn,
1. Tag; 2. Hide and Seek;
3. Statues; 4. Ashes.
11 minutes, 4 movements.
  Isolation No. 1 1999 Soprano Saxophone (unaccompanied) 1. Porcelain Tides; 2. Sporadic Crystalizations;
3. Steel Flames.
10 minutes, 3 movements.
  Isolation No. 2 2001 Oboe (unaccompanied) 5 minutes, 1 movement. $7.50
  Nine Variational Miniatures on an Exposition 2000 Clarinet, Harp
6 minutes, 10 movements.
  White Stallion 2000 Piano solo 4.5 minutes, 1 movement. $7.50
Jeremy Spindler, born 1979, currently resides in Boston, MA where he is pursuing a Ph.D. in music composition at Brandeis University. A former trumpet player, Jeremy has studied composition with David Rakowski, Martin Boykan, Eric Chasalow, and several others. His focus is primarily on acoustic chamber music; however he has a growing interest in electronic media and live processing. Mr. Spindler is a recipient of the 2004 Leroy Robertson Prize in Music, was a finalist in the 2002 Kubik International Prize in Composition for Kammermusik I, and has been a resident at the I-Park Artist Enclave in E. Haddam, CT, and the Dorland Mountain Artist's Colony, in Temecula, CA.
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