By Ashley Nagel

February 14 - June 3, 2001

(In Alphabetical Order)
Capitol Joined the Canadian Confederation Name Origin
1. Alberta Edmonton 1905 The province is named for Princess Louise Caroline Alberta (1848-1939), who was the wife of a Canadian governor-general and daughter of Queen Victoria.
2. Brittish Colombia Victoria 1871 It's name refers to the Columbia River, which originates here and flows south across the border into to the U.S.
3. Manitoba Wennipeg 1870 The name Manitoba is taken from Lake Manitoba and is an Indian phrase meaning great spirit's straight.
4. New Brunswick Fredericton 1867 The province is named for the Brittish royal family of Brunswick-Lüneburg (the house of Hannover).
5. Newfoundland St. John's 1949 The name Newfoundland appears in Brittish records as early as 1502 and was originally applied to all newly explored areas in the North Atlantic.
6. Northwest Territories Yellowknife 1870 The Northwest Territories has a some-what obvious reason why it is named that. The territory is in the northwestern part of Canada.
7. Nova Scotia Halifax 1867 The province's name is Latin for new Scotland and was first applied to the region in the 1620s by Scottish setlers.
8. Ontario Toronto 1867 The province's name is derived from an Iroquis Indian term perhaps meaning beautiful lake, a reference to Lake Ontario , or rocks standing by the water, a reference to Niagara Falls.
9. Prince Edward Island Charlottetown 1873 The province is named after Prince Edward Augustus, a son of King George III of England.
10. Quebec Quebec City 1867 The name of the province is derived from an Algonquian Indian term for place where th river narrows, refering to the Saint Lawrence River near Quebec City.
11. Saskatchewan Regina 1905 The name of the province is taken from the Saskatchewan River, which was named by the Cree Indians and means flowing fast.
12. Yukon Territory Whitehorse 1898 The name of the territory is taken from the Yukon River; the word is derived from an Indian expression meaning great river.


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