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  Title Year Instrumentation Description Price
  Attack of the Squash People
poem by Marge Piercy
1989 medium voice, piano and
wind quintet (flute, oboe,
clarinet, bassoon, horn) 
6.5 minutes, 1 movement.  
  Duets for Piano and Voice, or Vice Versa
poems by e. e. cummings
(These songs are also
available individually)
voice & piano 23 minutes, 5 movements.
1. anyone lived in a pretty how town (6 min.)
2. love is more thicker than forget (2.5 min.)
3. the cambridge ladies (3 min.)
4. in just spring (3 min.)
5. my father moved through dooms of love (6 min.)
  Felix Randal the Farrier
poem by Gerrard Manley Hopkins
1990 voice & piano 5 minutes, 1 movement.  
  The Nature of Things
poems by Bonnie Donnelly
1997 medium voice & piano
8 minutes, 3 movements.
1. April Fool
2. A Butterfly Kiss
3. Tiny Presents
  Spring and Fall
"Margaret are You Grieving"

poem by Gerrard Manley Hopkins
1987 voice & piano 3.5 minutes, 1 movement.  
new Willow HeartSong
poem by Sin-Chong Chiu
2003 medium voice & piano 4 minutes, 1 movement.  

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