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  Opera Orchestral Concert Band
  Chorus & Orchestra Large Ensembles Small Mixed Ensembles
  Small String/Pno. Ens. Small Wind/Brass Ens. 1 Wind/Brass & Piano
  Piano Music Unaccompanied Solo Instrument + Electronics
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  Vocal + Piano Vocal + Guitar Vocal + Instrument(s)
  Title Year Instrumentation Description Price
new Curios 2002 Alto Saxophone, Horn in F and Harp (for Kelly Jones)
(1. With emerging power; 2. Attempting escape; 3. Self-reflection; 4. Conviction)
14 minutes, 4 movements.
new The "Crossroads of America" Quartet 2001 Alto Saxophone, Violin, Cello and Piano This work was Commissioned in 2001 by Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) and Indiana Music Teachers Association (IMTA)
(1. Fast and cool; 2. Moderate and dreamy; 3. Quick and zany.)
14 minutes, 3 movements.
new Patterns
("I too am a rare Pattern")
2001 Flute, Viola, Piano This work was written for Julia Mattern, Harold Levin, and Lori Rhoden.
(1. Modéré 2. Vif; 3. Large; 4. Massif.) (The title was drawn from the poem "Patterns," by Amy Lowell.)
22 minutes, 4 movements.
new Terminus 2001 Flute, Horn, Piano, Percussion (1 Player) This intense work was written for Kent Leslie and Thomas Harvey. The percussion includes 3 Timpani, Vibraphone, Chimes, Crotales (Antique Cymbals), Xylophone.
13.5 minutes, 1 movement.
new Games 2000 Horn, Marimba This piece is full of energy and really shows off both instruments well.
6 minutes, 1 movement.
new Crossing the Rubicon 1999 Horn, Clarinet, Percussion (1 or 2 players) Click to hear a "Real Audio" playback of an electronic realization of Crossing the Rubicon
Mvt. I, Mvt. II, Mvt. III, Mvt. IV,
Mvt. V, Mvt. VI, Mvt. VII.
Written for Kent Leslie and Thomas Harvey.
(1. Aggressive, insistent, heavily accented; 2. Quick and agile; 3. Sonorous and assertive. 4. Tormented; 5. Fanfare; 6. Very fast; 7. Procession.)
11 minutes, 7 movements.
new Accomplice:
Miniature Suite for Flute and Trumpet
2000 Flute, Trumpet Composed for Flutist Meg Stevens and Trumpeter Sal Percoco.
Premiered October 2, 2000 at Ball State University: Emily Gerace, flute; Adam Gaines, trumpet.
1. Poco maestoso; 2. Vivace; 3. Adagio; 4. Allegro
8 minutes, 4 movements.
new Mosaic 1999 Viola, Harp This fantasia for Viola and Harp was composed as a wedding gift for Violist Robert Elder & Harpist Laura Ward Elder. The harp part was edited by Laura Ward Elder.
13 minutes, 1 movement.
new Lullaby
(Two-Part Invention)
2000 Oboe, Contrabass This simple and pretty lullaby was composed for Ada Erdahl, daughter of Contrabassist Rolf Erdahl and Oboist Carrie Vecchione.
1 minute, 1 movement.
  Ancient Spider Dance 1997 Flute, Bassoon, Marimba Commissioned by Flutist Meg Steven
4 minutes, 1 movement.
new Fantasy Ballad
(version for
Clarinet, Viola,
and Piano)
 arr. 2002)
Clarinet, Viola, and Piano 10 minutes, 1 movement. $19.50
  Fantasy Ballad 1994 Horn, Oboe, Piano The work was premiered November 7, 1995 in Muncie, IN. by Carrie Vecchione, Oboe; Fred Ehnes, Horn; Cynthia Miller, piano, at a Ball State University Faculty Artist Series Recital.
10 minutes, 1 movement.
  Orpheus and Eurydice 1997 Oboe, Contrabass This interesting duet was composed for Contrabassist Rolf Erdahl and Oboist Carrie Vecchione.
2.5 minutes, 1 movement.
  Dorian Antiqua Quartet
(1) Harp version
1996 Flute, Oboe, Clarinet and Harp The titles of these very attractive modal movements are:
I. Largement - Vigoureusement.
II. Simplement.
III. Allègrement.
IV. Vivement.
20 minutes, 4 movements.
  Dorian Antiqua Quartet
(2) Piano version
arr. 1998 Flute, Oboe, Clarinet and Piano The titles of these very attractive modal movements are:
I. Largement - Vigoureusement.
II. Simplement.
III. Allègrement.
IV. Vivement.
20 minutes, 4 movements.
  The Gifts of Galadriel
 (1st version)
1991 Flute, Percussion
(An unaccompanied Flute version is also available)
Title from J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. 1. The Sheath of Aragorn's Sword; 2. for Elessar, the Elfstone of the House of Elendil; 3. Boromir's Belt of Gold; 4. The Bow of Legolas; 5. Earth from Lothlorien; 6. Three Golden Hairs for Gimli; 7. The Crystal Phial of Eärendil's Starlight.
20 minutes, 7 movements.
  Four Songs for Flute and Guitar 1984 Flute, Guitar The titles of these four attractive movements are:
1. Allegro; 2. Andante;
3. Presto; 4. Allegro
8 minutes, 4 movements.
  Slide Show:
Partitionings Based on a Theme by Dan Welcher
1986 Flute, Cello, and Piano A colorful, intense serial work.
3.5 minutes, 1 movement.
  In a Dream
(Version 1)
(rev. 1997)
3 Flutes, Guitar This piece has a very pretty theme with modal and impressionistic harmonies.
5 minutes, 1 movement.
  Invention in C in the style of J. S. Bach
1989 [Clarinet or Violin]
[Cello or Bassoon]
The score contains two versions: one with the higher part written at pitch; the other transposed for B-flat Clarinet. This work can also be played by harpsichord or piano.
2 minutes, 1 movement.
  Quartet in Two Movements 1982
(rev. 1985)
Flute, Clarinet, Violin, and Cello A modern-sounding colorful work:
1. Moderato; 2. Fast.
5 minutes, 2 movements.
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