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Audio Clips
  • Recent Performances of JOMAR Composers
  • We Stand for Freedom: In Memoriam, September 11, 2001 by David Stern, was twice performed during the fall, 2002, Muncie, Indiana, by The Muncie Symphony Orchestra and by The Ball State University Student Orchestra. The dedication of the work says: "With love and prayers for all lives lost and all touched by this tragedy, to New York's courageous fire, police, and rescue workers, and for the spirit of freedom that the founding fathers of our country envisioned as the mission of the United States of America to the world."  The Star Press (Muncie, IN) reported: "A very impressive piece of music was performed next. We Stand For Freedom, written by Ball State University music faculty member David Stern, was quite simply music that every American needs to hear. The music, Stern said, was written as a response to 9-11. A lot of ground was covered, from the mournful beginning elegy featuring strings to a triumphant empowering section adding the horns and wind instruments, to the powerful, reaffirming ending that featured what appeared to be every member of the orchestra as well as some perfectly placed fire truck bells (played on the triangle)."
    The Ball State Student Orchestra recording is given here.
    (11:43 minutes, 2809 K.)
  • Voyage of Discovery by Jody Nagel, was performed November 18, 2001, Muncie, Indiana, by The Ball State University Wind Ensemble, Joseph Scagnoli, conductor.
    (8.75 minutes, 1992 K.)
  • Jody Nagel and Ralph Johnson's "Improvisation," for a variety of percussion instruments and algorithmically-generated electronic accompaniment using "Max" and a Roland Sound Canvas, performed April 1, 2001, Pruis Hall, Ball State University, at a recital of Nagel's works for instruments, voices, and algorithmically-generated electronic accompaniment. Ralph Johnson, Percussion. Jody Nagel, Computer.
  • If you have RealPlayer,
    click to hear a Real Audio recording of  Improvisation  (1635 K)
  • Mark Schultz's "CaweinLair," for clarinet and piano, played October 12, 2000 at the 2000 Nebraska Music Teacher's Association State Convention. Diane Cawein, clarinet; Mark Clinton, piano.
  • If you have RealPlayer,
    click to hear a Real Audio stereo excerpt of  Caweinlair  (288 K)
  • Jody Nagel's "Jagger Dance," for orchestra, played September 22, 2000 in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra. Roberto González, director.
  • Jody Nagel's "Slither," for ten players, and
    Mark Schultz's "Flaming Like the Wild Roses," for ten players,
    played June 3 & 4, 2000 in Denmark. Danish Chamber Players. Stephen Montague, director.
    If you have RealPlayer,
    click to hear a Real Audio stereo excerpt of  Slither  (68 K)
    or  Flaming Like the Wild Roses  (168 K).
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